Urban Wood web is an interactive light installation which enables you to experience the enigma of trees.

Trees are secretly part of an underground network. This network becomes visible when you enter a playground of illuminated roots. You will then be part of this network of trees, and the interplay of light enhances it to a unique experience. On top of that we add an extra layer that leads you to be immersed into the beauty and the power of nature itself!

The driving sources behind this project are spatial designer Merel van der Linden, and imagineer Marnix van de Vijver. Meet the Team »

Making Of

Follow our creative process of designing and developing Urban Wood Web.

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Stepping onto a visible system of roots (the playground) you will find yourself connected physically as well as digitally to the network of trees. Also, you will experience a special connection between yourself and other visitors through challenging gameplay between the glowing roots.


– To show visitors the secret world of trees, and amaze them.
– To give information about the functionality of trees.
– To create awareness of the need of trees in urban areas, and explain the benefits they bring.

Our Supporters

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